All proceeds go towards expanding our rewards/scholar programs that encourage YOUNG PEOPLE to excel in Academics, Sports and Leadership.

Since 2007 Our mission of instilling a positive mindset to young people across the world has remained the same. In fact our young visionary Jeremiah Jones is not only the owner of this brand, but also spokesman of this amazing organization. He believes in order to reach our youth and the future of tomorrow, they must first relate with the messenger. In other words, “YOUNG PEOPLE IDENTIFY WITH THEIR PEERS BEST.” Our strategy is what separates us from others. Our tactic is how we’ve reached over 100K children and counting. Our cause is building the solution to making a positive difference one young person at a time, by GIVING BACK & PROVIDING ASSISTANCE WITH NUTRITION, SOCIAL GROWTH, HYDRATION, EDUCATION & CLOTHING. We also encourage young people to find someone to talk to with their fight against “Depression & Peer Pressure, inspire higher education. JYOUNGIN & CO. wants to give various communities a safe haven (Youth Centers) for young people to become productive & creative individuals while learning the importance of becoming successful individuals. In doing so we believe high school graduation rates will increase along with college enrollment/completion. Our program will soon make an impact by decreasing teen pregnancy, suicide, crime rates and violence across the United States and other parts of the world.

Your contribution also goes towards building better communities by uniting our human race as one through your continued support.

This allows us to SPONSOR SCHOOLS TOURS, COMMUNITY EVENTS, GIVE-AWAYS & MORE. In addition, your pledge also helps care for young people and families in need. JYOUNGIN & CO. is now working on its early stages of our 1st ANNUAL RUN / WALK TO EXPAND OUR GREAT EFFORTS WORLDWIDE. Our vision also seeks funding to open Youth / Teen Centers that offer workshops geared towards business, graphic design/art, photography, etiquette courses, music/sound engineering & silkscreen manufacturing. In addition, we are preparing to start our scholarship programs for students that want to further their education.

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If the amount you desire to donate is larger than the choices below, email us via our “CONTACT US” page and we will be sure to make your contribution happen. Some of our donors like to remain anonymous. We keep all donations confidential. We thank you all in advance for your amazing efforts in assisting JYOUNGIN & CO. expand in making a difference throughout the U.S. / WORLDWIDE.