Our Fundraising Program offers 20% of the grand total back to the school / organization that participates.  You can easily use your earnings for field trips, book fairs, special studies, athletic departments and academic rewards. Thank you for being part of our fundraiser.


Question: How do you get involved?


Answer: Its SIMPLE, We come to your school / event , set up our table / booth, sell  JYoungin products, tally sales & give you 20% of the grand total on the spot.


Question:  What if my school is out of state or far far away?


Answer:   No worries, we'll mail your school order forms with pricing and product choices.  You'll get 2 weeks to sell & return all orders & cash due.  We then get 2 weeks to ship all orders & return them to the school along with your 20% fundraiser amount.



                     For all inquiries contact :