Taylor Brown 

12 Year old (Atlanta, Ga.)

Hello World... 


This is an honor for me to share.  Introducing my very own cousin Taylor Brown.  She's 12 year old born again christian, straight A student &  gymnast from Atlanta, GA. Taylor enjoys hiking, playing on her ipad and obviously gymnastics.  Once she graduates college she plans to be a veterinarian while continuing other successful ventures in life.  WOW!!!!  Although I'm older than her by a few years, she INSPIRES me to keep going beyond in my journey as well.  I'm so proud of her and it's just amazing that she is so intelligent and talented. Taylor keep doing your thing and I'm looking forward to seeing you in future Olympics repping TEAM USA, taking all the GOLD MEDALS as you are already doing now.  TAYLOR... YOU DESERVE TO BE ON "JYOUNGIN SPOTLIGHT"


Love you Cuzzo & hope to see you soon..


~ Jeremiah



Trap Kitchen LA


I'm PROUD to say I know these 2 personally.  Spank & News display true walks of CHARACTER, FOCUS & DEDICATION.  WOW... two rival gangmembers out of Compton, Ca. / Los Angeles (South Central) areas come together and create delicious catering company "TRAP KITCHEN L.A."  I was introduced to these guys over 1 year ago by a mutual friend Corderro who had me put them in  "THE MOVIE PEER PRESSURE" and have all been friends every since.  The guys have catered for Ice Cube's "BARBER SHOP 3 MOVIE" promo, rapper Tyga's,

Justin Beiber, Community Events, participated in feeding the homeles & more. S/O to Crime Watch fo covering their success story. Congrats Fellas and way to turn your lives around, inspire others and do great things!  Roberto (News) & Malikai (Spank) are great entrepreneurs cooking & catering delicious food (TRAPPING) everyday.  






Lance Fuentes

One of our "YOUNGINS"  Lance Fuentes has been a huge supporter of what I do for some time now.  Although we've never met in person, social media makes it easy to keep up with one another's accomplishments in SPORTS & ACADEMICS.  Thanks for all the continued support and now It's your

time to showcase your B-Ball skills, showing that you deserve to be on JYOUNGIN & CO. "SPOTLIGHT".