About Us

Focusing on Academics, Sports & Leadership


JYOUNGIN & CO. is a 501c3 Nonprofit Organization focused on Academics, Sports & Leadership. Seeking to build partnerships & expand our rewards/scholar programs through various youth/community-based events including sports programs, motivational talks & school tours. The ultimate goal is to encourage young people to excel in all aspects of life while building entrepreneurs, leaders, and productive citizens throughout the world.

JYoungin Mission statement


Team JYoungin would like to introduce a young man with a cause. At just 20 years of age, Jeremiah Jones aka “IAMJYOUNGIN” is already an Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Ted Talks & Ed Surge Keynote Speaker, Music Recording Artist that previously served a 5 year term as Youth Commissioner for the City Of Long Beach, CA. Appointed by Mayor Robert Garcia & 8th District Councilman Al Austin. This young man has also been featured on the front page of YAHOO, news channels KTLA 5, KABC 7, countless blogs, and more.

Since 8 years of age, Jones has had the desire to motivate, Inspire and encourage his generation to become future leaders in which he’s continued to lead by example ever since.    IAMJYOUNGIN has created his very own Youth Enrichment Program.  This four week course teaches LEADERSHIP, FINANCIAL LITERACY, HOW TO START A BUSINESS, YOUTH EMPOWERMENT / ANTI-BULLYING & MORE.  Our program & organization is designed to stimulate young people to become greater individuals by focusing on ACADEMICS, SPORTS & LEADERSHIP.

It's time for change and growth

Recently Jeremiah told his team he wanted to do more.  With that said, he decided to expand his POSITIVE ACHIEVERS (rewards) program & community works to KAMPALA UGANDA.   Jeremiah says it’s time for growth.  Standing firm on his faith and vision, J personally did whatever it took to accomplish the goal of partnering with the right children’s orphanage in Uganda.  Focused & determined he immediately sent clothing, sports accessories, school supplies, financed food drives, and launched two youth soccer teams in Kampala Uganda.

100,000 scholars & athletes for their great accomplishments

Since 2009, Jeremiah and JYOUNGIN & CO. have recognized over 100,000 scholars & athletes for their great accomplishments by single-handedly connecting with thousands of young people in person & by way of social media.  With over a quarter of a million dollars in products & services donated to young people across the United States of America, we are excited to continue our vision of rewarding our youth for being awesome in the areas of ACADEMICS, SPORTS & LEADERSHIP.

To provide sports workouts, educational tutors, and accredited workshop instructors

Having served his community by launching Youth Programs in the Carmelitos Housing Projects by way of Ebony Jones to building a solid relationship with Vice Mayor of Long Beach, California Rex Richardson, J’s new vision is expanding Jyoungin & Co.’s Youth Programs through our huge partnership with LACDA  (Los Angeles County Development Authority).

 This new partnership has made a major impact in our community works as LACDA has over 4,000 youth and young adults residing in their 38 Housing Projects throughout South Los Angeles & Harbor Hills. During this year’s Back to School Season, we’ve had the amazing opportunities of hosting & partnering with many LACDA community events gifting over 500 toys to small boys and girls and donating several hundred backpacks & school supplies to elementary, middle school and high school students within the Los Angeles County District alone. 

Our vision is to gain funding, grow our programs throughout various cities, obtain a mobile after school mentoring truck and Youth Center / Facility where we have accredited instructors teach young people growing skills & trades such as FINANCIAL LITERACY, BUSINESS MANAGEMENT, AUDIO MUSIC ENGINEERING, HVAC TECHNICIAN, SILK SCREEN OPERATOR, AUTO MECHANIC, PAINT / DRYWALL & MORE.  These skills will help young people obtain fair employment in many growing fields as well as become future entrepreneurs and leaders in their own right.

Thanks in advance & be sure to get involved with us as we continue to empower and inspire the next wave of greatness.

TEAM JYOUNGIN & CO. | Jeremiah Jones (CEO / FOUNDER)