Young Engineer

Super Powers are Creative Handyman inventor / builder, Science & funny.

Young Leader

Super Powers are Motivation, Reading, Responsibility, Team Building & Accountability.

Young Mogul

Super Powers are Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurship, Math & Youth Mentoring.

Young Genius

Super Powers are Bookworm & Extremely Intelligent , Athletic & Brave

Super soccer star 2

Super Soccer Star 2

Magic food game

Magic Food


Do camels have three sets of eyelids?
Is Venus the closest planet to the Sun?
Spiders have 6 legs. Is it true or false?
Is it possible to sneeze while asleep?
5+9 = 14
Watching horror movies doesn’t cause any reaction in your body.
Honeybees are the fastest flying insect.
Humans have 4 senses.
Do you need oxygen for breathing?